Monthly Archive: July 2011

Windows Mango matches Apple and Android in features

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Mango brings the mobile OS up to snuff with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS. But Microsoft will soon find itself behind the eight ball again compared to what Apple has in store with iOS 5 and Google with Android Ice Cream …

Windows Phone ‘Mango’ released to manufacturing

Microsoft has signed off on the next version of its smartphone OS: now the complicated dance with its carriers and handset vendors begins. Microsoft has signed off the code for the “Mango” version of its Windows Phone operating system – officially, the…

Trainz arrives for Android, dev gives to charity

N3V Games has released Trainz for Android and announced its involvement with the charity Buy1Give1. Trainz, the best selling PC train simulation series, makes its way on to the Android with Trainz Simulator Android. NVidia will be featuring the game in…

Amazon tablet set to battle iPad in Autumn

All indicators point to Amazon readying a tablet for this year. And according to a report by the Wall Street Journal today, the online retail giant will introduce its first colour offering “before October,” according to unnamed sources.

Samsung denies its own Nexus 3 rumours

A backtracking bonanza